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Eco friendly versatile three layered polypropylene sheet Ideal for multiple applications


Material Overview

Triaprint® is an extruded polypropylene sheet consisting of 3 layers.

The central layer is a cell structured layer. The top and bottom layer are 2 smooth layers. The cell structure is the core of this sheet.

This gives Triaprint® its principal characteristics: a high rigidity and a high compression strength, combined with a light weight.

The smooth upper and lower layer make this sheet perfectly suitable for printing. The possibility to laminate this sheet enlarges the applications.

  • ecological
  • smooth top and bottom layer
  • water and moisture resistant
  • light-weight
  • easily printable
  • strong and durable
  • high rigidity

Uses for Triaprint

  • screen and digital printing
  • billboards
  • printed panels
  • real estate signs
  • signage
  • construction signs
  • visual communication
  • displays
  • packaging
  • POS,