Why and when to use roller banner stands?

Choosing where to invest your marketing budget can be challenging. Get it wrong, and you'll end up with a product that doesn't have the impact you're looking for. Get it right, and you'll maximise RoI, impact and reach.

When presence is everything, roller banners stand out. Imposing but a snap to use, you can implement pull-up banners everywhere, from sales events and reception areas to conferences, product launches and store openings. So why should your business use roller banners?

Why use roller banners?

All banners are as versatile and practical as a Swiss Army knife when you want to promote your brand. But nothing works like a roller banner when you're looking to target your audience with products and services.

Are roller banners not old school?

Yes and no. Roller banners are a familiar part of the marketing landscape. But that's because they're one of the most efficient forms of advertising out there. 

Studies show that 80% of people remember what they read, and 90% of the information our brains process is visual. As a result, we're hardwired to deal with visual data better, making a large format roller banner a timeless marketing tool.

Are roller banners easy to put up?

One of the advantages of using roller or pop-up banners is that they're a breeze to set up. In addition, our high-quality banners come complete with stands and carrying bags, so they're easy to set up and store again after use. 

The banner is stored in a sturdy base that's ideal for use in high traffic areas. When you're ready to make a splash, pull up the graphic from the housing and use the sturdy metal support to keep it in place. Simple and effective, your pull-up banner is easy to assemble and store away again.

Are roller banners worth it?

Roller banners are an excellent investment for your brand. Unlike most marketing materials, you can use pull-up banners about anywhere. In addition, you can personalise the banner graphic to reflect your branding and choose single or double-sided signage for maximum impact. 

The combination of eye-catching graphics and dynamic presence makes your banner a real head-turner. And unlike flyers, brochures and digital messaging, banners have a permanence that gives them a long lifespan and an outstanding RoI.

What types of roller banners are there?

Our custom roller banners are available to suit all budgets and in a range of widths from a compact 800mm to an imposing 1500mm to suit your needs. 

Budget roller banners are the workhorses of the display industry. These hardwearing, high-quality banners have a patented footplate that can stand up to anything, including high traffic areas - ideal for your next trade show. 

Lightweight and easy to store, this affordable banner is a great choice when you need cost-effective displays for your point of sale, reception area or trade exhibition.

Mid-range roller banners combine features with high-quality printing in one affordable and easy to use package. Put your message wherever you want with a banner designed to withstand frequent, long-term use.

A mid-range banner hits the sweet spot between price and performance and can be used time and again. With durable components and simple one-person operation, it's a fantastic all-around choice.

Premium roller banners combine premium materials with top-notch banner technology and state-of-the-art digital printing in a sophisticated and ergonomic design. 

Features like a dual rail 'stick n click' snap rail and extra sturdy telescopic pole means a single person can operate a premium banner. And with everything you need in one durable storage bag, premium roller banners are a great way to stand out from the competition. 

Want to make an even bigger impression? Double-sided banners give you the option to deploy two different graphics on the same stand for the ultimate in versatility. A double-sided banner is supplied ready to go and makes a great choice when your graphics are displayed in a substantial space. 

Top uses for roller banners

When you put together all the advantages of roller banner advertising, you'll understand why we think they're one of the best ways of marketing your business or brand. But creating captivating and engaging graphics is only part of what makes a pull-up banner a great choice. 

Versatile and highly portable, it's the vast range of uses for roller banners that sets them apart. These are our top five uses for roller banners, but it's not an exhaustive list. Wherever there are customers, our custom banners will make them sit up and take notice.

In-store promotions

A well-designed banner is a non-intrusive way to capture the attention of your customers. Due to the ease of operation, they can be deployed anywhere in-store. As a result, they're ideal for seasonal and time-limited promotions. Packed away in a premium storage bag, they'll look just as good again next year.

Trade shows

Ask most people where they've seen a roller banner, and they'll answer 'a trade show'. A premium roll-up banner really helps you get noticed at trade events. Or why not set yourself apart from the competition with eye-catching graphics on a double-sided banner. Top-notch digital printing makes graphics and images pop, so your banner grabs attention even at a distance.


Branding is increasingly important in education. And banners are a proven way to give your brand visual appeal. Try welcoming students and visitors to sports events, reception or open days with punchy banners that beg to be Instagrammed.


Roller banners are a high impact, low-cost solution for visibility. A fantastic, lightweight pull-up banner is an ideal fit for charities who want to get their message across in-store, at conferences and at fundraising events across the country.


Need to showcase a new special on the menu or this month's cocktail? A roller banner at the entrance to your venue lets your customers know what to expect without any of the hard upselling that can be so invasive.

At Display01, we specialise in roller banners to suit your budget, so get in touch today to find out more.