What Is Commercial Printing?

Want to get the best out of your business printing? Then you need to understand what commercial printing is and how it can benefit your business. 

Print has been around for thousands of years. In 3100BC reeds were being used to make marks in clay tablets. That process evolved into woodcuts and finally the printing press. But if you think print is outdated technology, think again.

Even in our technology driven world, print is thriving. It might surprise you but in terms of RoI print has a better track record than online banners, radio and TV ads and newspapers. Print materials engage your customers for a sensory experience that digital doesn’t match. Compared to yet another email in the inbox, print has a universal appeal that ensures your message gets read.

If your business needs commercial signage from roller banners and posters to A-frames and hanging business signs, you need commercial printing.  A basic working knowledge of the different types of commercial printing available will help you choose the best method for the job.

What is commercial printing?

Commercial printing is printing for business. Whether that’s glossy brochures or business signs, a commercial printer can take your logo, brand colours and slogans and print them on just about anything.

Commercial printing is a big success story in the UK, the fifth largest producer of printed products in the world. If your business wants to make an impact on the high street then professionally produced commercial signs are the savvy way to stand out. 

Types of commercial printing 

If you’re looking to create high impact business signage including banners, promotional signs and point of sale displays, these are the most common types of commercial printing: 

Offset Lithography

If you need posters for your business, the chances are they’ll be printed using this tried and tested technique. Also known as offset or litho printing, this is one of the most popular print methods used for high volume commercial printing. It also has a reputation for exceptional quality.

The image to be printed is transferred to an aluminium plate. This is then run through water and then ink and the image is transferred - or offset - onto a rubber blanket. The ink sticks to the images and text and can then be printed onto any flat surface for your business signs including plastic, cardboard, wood and canvas as well as paper.

Versatile and exceptionally consistent, offset lithography is a great choice whether you need large or small volumes of exceptional quality print.

Digital Printing

If your business needs a quick print run or you want a high degree of personalisation, digital printing is the smart choice. If you want to get creative with commercial print then digital printing opens up endless possibilities to create signs that really make an impression.

So why should you use commercial digital printing rather than keeping it in-house? On-demand digital printing is faster, better quality and cheaper. A professional commercial printing team will know how to get exactly the result you want with output on a par with litho printing without any of the setup and on-costs.

When making a great impression counts, digital printing delivers. And unlike offset lithography, it’s easy to catch and correct any mistakes that can be costly to put right. From posters to point of sale displays, digital printing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get great results.

Large Format Printing

If your business uses a lot of banners and wide format signage then this printing method gives your designs space to make the maximum impact. Graphics are printed onto rolls rather than sheets of paper using special large format printers for best results. 

No other printing method can create such seamless results on banners, building wraps, large posters and murals. That’s why this method is so popular with businesses who want a much bigger design area to work with. 

What are the benefits of commercial printing?

You might have the in-house print capabilities to run off handouts and brochures, but getting commercial printing right can directly impact your business. Your business signs are the first point of contact with your customers. If the quality of print or design isn’t up to scratch you can negatively impact your business. 

The quality of your business signs is paramount and working with a commercial printer offers peace of mind. An experienced commercial print team will know how to navigate any problems to create professional results that shine. And design experts will improve your design where necessary so you get the best possible return on your investment.

It doesn’t stop there. Any business values services that can save time and money allowing you to focus on productivity and creativity. By outsourcing your commercial printing you’ll be able to focus on running your business while your commercial signage keeps you effortlessly top of mind or reminds your customers of your commitment to social distancing.

Develop a good relationship with a commercial print business and you can expand the possibilities for your signage beyond the usual scope. You’ll benefit from the kind of professional understanding that delivers great results with the minimum hassle whether you need 5 A-boards or 500 floor graphics. 

It’s a valuable long term relationship that can be vital in helping you build brand visibility and establish a great reputation in your business.

Work with our commercial printing experts at Display01

So why should you work with our commercial printing experts at Display01? 

Our team of talented print professionals use premium equipment to guarantee consistent and high quality results for all your roller banners, A-boards, posters, stickers and social distancing signs. We believe the best equipment delivers the best results and we’re committed to limiting our environmental impact and using eco-friendly print products.

With over 20 years of commercial print experience our team is dedicated to making the print process as simple as possible. So why not use our know-how to create the perfect print? Get in touch today to discuss your commercial print needs in Bristol and the South West.