Types of pavement signs and when to use them

Pavement signs with funny or inspirational messages are having a moment. We've all seen them in real life and on our socials. Maybe you haven't considered them as part of your marketing mix before. In that case, pavement signs are one of the most cost-effective ways of grabbing the attention of passers-by. 

And those engaging and amusing signs advertising bars and restaurants? One survey found that 56% of people say they're happy to share something funny they saw on an outdoor sign. And 76% of customers will enter a store based on its pavement signs alone. 

So what makes pavement sign advertising such an effective way to get your business noticed? And how can you get the best out of your outdoor signage?

Why are pavement signs so effective?

Simple and effective, if you want to make the most of outdoor advertising, try pavement signs. They're a great way to increase footfall and promote your latest specials and events.

Clear branding and graphics that pop equal unique messaging. But optimising sign placement is just as essential. A well-placed sign puts your message top of mind for your target audience. Try a few test locations to ensure your outdoor signage is working as hard as possible. 

Leverage the visibility of pavement signs, and you're leveraging the power of outdoor advertising. An A-board or roller banner is a simple but unique way to showcase your brand personality. This non-invasive style of advertising rates highly as a reliable marketing tool. And with 98% of the UK public seeing at least one outdoor advert every day, it's clear why pavement signs are highly effective.

Types of pavement signs

Simple and effective, pavement signs won't let you down. But you need to invest in the right kind of sign for your business. Our pavement signs are available with printed graphics or posters to let you ring the changes regularly and try out new campaigns. 

If you're looking for outdoor signage that's genuinely eye-catching and long-lasting, try our large format outdoor banners. These distinctive pavement signs are supplied with their own easy to use push-fit frame and are unmissable. Outdoor banners can stand up to all kinds of weather, and you can opt for one or two banners to make a stand-out statement. Upload your artwork, and our state-of-the-art digital printing technology will translate them into stunning graphics.

Ideal for artisan stores, restaurants and cafes, these sturdy A-frame pavement signs are supplied with two durable and waterproof posters for all your puns, jokes and insights. A double-sided A-Frame can also be highly effective at catching your customer's eye. Let people know your business is Covid-safe with social distancing posters or highlight your specials and promos.

Other types of commonly used pavement signs include swing signs and forecourt pavement signs. Look out for solid and durable frames, easy to use display systems and quality construction for the best results. 

Benefits of pavement signs 

Nothing can match cost-effective pavement signs when it comes to converting passing interest to footfall and sales. Studies show that people on the move have an active mindset, making a well-placed pavement sign more likely to stay top of mind. If you want to stop passers-by in their tracks, a pavement sign creates a wealth of marketing opportunities.

But the advantages of using signs outside your business don't end there. Choose a sign with easily switchable graphics, and you can advertise your Christmas specials in December and a summertime promo in July. If you need more visibility, a double-sided sign lets you promote your main offer on one side and a one-off sale on the other.

A witty pun or Instagrammable graphic can really put your business on the map. But your sign needs to work hard in all weathers. The benefits of using an A-frame or outdoor banner over a traditional chalkboard are obvious - your message will stand out whatever the weather. And with easily swappable, high-quality graphics, the RoI is difficult to beat.

Remember that statistic about 98% of people seeing OOH advertising daily? Setting up your pavement A-frame only takes a few minutes, but you'll benefit from daily reach and repetition. It's invaluable when you want to build your brand or keep your goods and services top of mind. Keeping your branding and business colours consistent across your outdoor and indoor signage, including banners and posters, will further reinforce your brand identity.

To maximise the impact of your pavement signs, take a look at your business from your customer's perspective. Market research will help you design a sign that has maximum kerb appeal and visibility. Create something truly unique, and you'll soon catch your potential customer's attention and convert it into sales.

Choosing the best pavement sign for your business

Not sure which type of pavement sign suits your business? Here's how to get it right:

  • What are your business needs: what's your location, and what do you expect the sign to achieve? Here's how to get the right pavement sign for the job:
  • Match your sign to your business: some businesses are associated with a particular type of sign. Use that to your advantage when choosing an A-frame or outdoor banner.
  • Think about pavement placement: you want to attract your customer's attention, not get in their way. Block the pavement, and your sign is likely to get moved out of the way. If that happens, it's not doing its job.
  • Personalisation and branding: do you need a sign that reflects your strong brand identity day after day? Or one that you can customise to reflect your changing messages?

Using pavement signs with Display01

Pavement signs are an excellent choice for your business, whatever your business. Travel and estate agents, banking and retail, gyms and hospitality are just a few of the sectors that use pavement signs. If your company has a high street presence, or you attend outdoor events and trade shows, you need a hardworking pavement sign.

At Display01, we combine exceptional digital print with a range of versatile advertising signage. Contact the team today to find out more about our outdoor and pavement signs.