Types of online poster printing available

You have a website, socials and a digital marketing strategy. The last thing your business needs is posters, right? 

Wrong. Print promotion is still one of the best ways there is to get the word out, especially for a small business. Versatile and cost-effective, posters are a great way to communicate with your target market - whether that’s reminding them to social distance or highlighting a POS promo.

There are plenty of reasons why you should love posters but do you know why you need them and what’s available? Read on to find out more.

Why your business needs online poster printing

Posters don’t stop working

A poster can last for weeks, months or years putting out your message 24/7. Combining high quality digital printing at 1000dpi and effective design results in exposure that never stops working.

Engage directly with your customers

Your business posters communicate directly with your customers. Wherever they are, indoors or outdoors, your business posters keep promoting your business by appealing to your customers’ curiosity and keeping you top of mind. Don’t forget a call to action so your customers know where to get in touch. 

Boost your brand

Your logo and branding work extra hard when you add them to your posters. Keep your branding consistent and you’ll effortlessly boost recognition and awareness without having to do a thing.

Shout it out

Want to shout that great offer from the rooftops? A large scale outdoor poster turns any surface into a marketing opportunity. A poster gives you the space to get creative with your brand - the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster so a great picture can have an instant impact. 

Affordable and effective

If you need a way to market your SME effectively without a big budget, posters fit the bill. They’re incredibly cost effective, costing a fraction of a print advert. You can’t guarantee your target customer will pick up a copy of a paper or magazine, but you can place your posters right where they’re bound to see them.

Reasons to choose online poster printing with Display01

  • High quality film and 190g coated poster paper for durability and weather resistance
  • Digital colour printing with true to life colours at 1000dpi
  • Easy to clean with antibacterial sanitiser wipes
  • Tried and trusted way of getting your brand and marketing out there
  • A cost-effective choice for your SME
  • Make a statement with your own artwork or work with the professionals

Types of online poster printing

Posters are a great fit for your marketing mix whatever size or type of business you are. We offer a wide range of sizes and finishes for both indoor and outdoor posters plus A Frame display stands. 

If your business will be practicing social distancing for a while yet, we also have a range of specially designed social distancing posters for maximum impact. 

Indoor posters

Indoor posters are the ultimate in design and messaging versatility. Wherever you can hang a poster you create an opportunity to promote your brand or shout about that great promotion.

Our indoor posters are printed on high quality 190gsm photo satin paper with full colour digital printing at 1000 dpi. Your brand colours will really pop with the smooth and glare-free finish. And in sizes from A2 to x2A0 there’s plenty of space to make a design statement.

Indoor posters turn every surface into a marketing opportunity from window displays to point of sale. Get the design right and you’ll reach thousands of customers with credible and time-tested indoor posters.

Outdoor posters

Outdoor marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. Why? Because it’s non-intrusive and helps to enhance your customer’s experience . In a world saturated by digital advertising, a well designed billboard can get you noticed.

Our range of outdoor posters get your message out there in all weathers. Available in sizes up to x2A0, these heavy duty weatherproof posters are printed on 120gsm matte polypropylene film. They won’t get soggy and tear in wet weather, or fade in bright sunlight.

If you want to turn heads then outdoor posters are a proven way to boost your brand. Create the wow factor with our professional designers or upload your own artwork to boost your brand. Outdoor posters are ideal for outdoor exhibitions, displays and pavement advertising so start thinking about how you can use them as part of your marketing mix.

A Frame & Poster

Pavement displays are great when you want to stand out from the competition on a budget. There’s no excuse to let customers pass you by with an affordable A Frame and poster display.

Our A Frames are supplied with 2 waterproof posters. Currently we’re supplying our A Frames with social distancing posters that send a clear message to your customers before they set foot through the door.But as we start to move beyond lockdown you can order additional waterproof posters to change your marketing whenever you like.

Social Distancing Posters

The end of lockdown may be in sight but government advice means social distancing is still in place. For your business a more permanent shift to hygiene and social distancing could make sense, so why not get the message across with our social distancing posters?

With a choice of two clear messages printed in high visibility black on yellow, your customers can see at a glance where to queue or how to keep their distance. A poster with a clear ‘one in, one out’ message displayed outside your shop or cafe is a polite reminder of the policies you have in place. 

Keeping your customers safe and happy should always be a priority. Let them know you’re Covid-safe using posters to spread the message.

Online poster printing in Bristol

Online poster printing is the quick and effective way to start harnessing the power of posters for your business. Upload your own artwork and we’ll use our state of the art digital printing processes to turn your ideas into reality. Want to know more? Get in touch today.