Social distancing signs ready for business re-openings!

With the end in sight for lockdown, is it time to tear up those social distancing signs? Not quite yet. With non-essential shops not due to open until mid-April at the earliest and work from home still the norm, social distancing rules could be with us for some time to come.

No one knows for sure when things will get back to normal and the road map dates could change at any time. The dangers of unlocking too early mean that no one really knows when social distancing and hygiene measures can be lifted for good. The government says the social distancing guidelines won’t be reviewed before May at the earliest and could remain in place at least through the summer.

That’s why large format social distancing signs and graphics should remain a priority for your business.

When will social distancing end?

The UK has had an amazingly successful vaccine campaign. But according to Professor Chris Whitty, the country’s chief medical officer, that alone may not mean the end of social distancing. In fact some form of social distancing could stay in place all year according to a new report from Warwick University.

When it comes to the return to work, only 9% of employees say they would be happy to go back to work in an office full time. It seems that social distancing floor stickers, signs, banners and posters could still be with us after lockdown has eased for good.

So why does your business need social distancing graphics? Read on and find out.

Does my business or office need social distancing signs?

Social distancing signs are a great way to show your customers your business is Covid-safe. 

Even before your customers set foot through the door you can let them know what social distancing guidelines are in operation. And our signs can be easily wiped clean with sanitiser wipes so you can practice what you preach.

Social distancing signs are an easy way for your business to implement the current guidelines. Creating a safe environment could make all the difference when tempting your employees back into the office or your customers back to your store.

Types of social distancing signs 

So what kinds of social distancing signage should you use? All our social distancing signs and graphics are created to get the message across loud and clear. That’s why we use maximum visibility black text on a yellow background with a clear and bold design. 

All of our products are designed to last so you can stick to the social distancing rules as long as you need to.

Floor graphics

Our range of floor graphics are a popular way to enforce the 2m rule or a one way system in your shop or office. They combine well with other signs to reinforce your commitment to customer safety.

Hanging signs

Want to increase the effectiveness of your floor graphics? An overhead hanging sign is a great way to provide extra visibility for your social distancing messaging. Each sign is double sided and can be branded  with your own logo to add value to your reputation as a Covid-safe business. 

Social distancing banners

Banners are a great way to get the message right where you want it. Lightweight, highly portable and endlessly versatile, roller banners are high impact and low cost. And when lockdown finally ends you can replace the roller with the marketing message of your choice.

Need an outdoor alternative? A rigid banner can sit on the pavement outside your business letting your customers know you’re up and running and practicing social distancing. Stable and easy to use with a sand or water filled base, these eye catching banners will stand up to anything come rain or shine.

If you want to make a more permanent statement, PVC banners are weather resistant and highly effective. Supplied with eyelets and zip ties they can be displayed just about anywhere and are printed in UV inks so they won’t fade. Our 2m banners are perfect for outdoor events including after school sports.

Social distancing posters

Large format poster printing never goes out of fashion. And as lockdown nears an end a cost-effective poster could be just what your business needs to send a clear message without spending a fortune.

Indoor posters are available in sizes up to A0 for maximum impact. You don’t need to provide your own graphics, just choose one of our clear and vibrant designs. If you want to send a message about the end of lockdown then check out our commercial printing options. We’ll print and trim to your requirements so your poster has the maximum impact with your customers or employees.

If you’re operating any kind of queuing system or limiting the number of people in-store or in-office an outdoor poster effortlessly gets the message across. Opt for an A frame display and you’ll have a long lasting and cost effective marketing display long after lockdown is over.

Social distancing signs ready for the end of lockdown

So why choose our social distancing signs and graphics to get your business ready for the end of lockdown?

  • High quality materials that won’t scuff, fade or tear
  • Standout graphics with a clear social distancing message for retail, the office, schools and outdoor events
  • Each sign can be branded with your business logo for greater visibility
  • Add value to your brand for customers and employees by being a Covid-safe business
  • Affordable signage that can take you to the end of lockdown and beyond 

Social distancing signs for your Bristol based business

Ready to open up your business with large format social distancing signs? If your Bristol based store or office is eager to show off its Covid-safe credentials then we can help. 

Our range of Covid signage sends a clear message that you're safe and ready for business. We can’t say when lockdown will end but until then we can meet all your social distancing signage needs. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.