Large Format Printing: Your Guide and Checklist

Despite the national lockdown, demand for products and services in some sectors has surged - meaning customers have more choice and higher standards than ever before. 

Large format printing could help your organisation or business stand out from the crowd during this challenging economic period - and beyond.

If you’re not familiar with wide format printing, create a checklist. That way, you can proceed with confidence, knowing there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

To help you, we’ve created a short guide. But if you’re a seasoned professional and know what you want, get in touch with us instead. We’d love to help you.

What is large format printing?

It’s a process that involves printing large designs or graphics onto long rolls of material or paper. Specialist equipment is needed to accommodate these items, which can be anything up to 18-100 inches in width.

Large format printers can be programmed to run overnight, allowing specialists like us to operate at scale. Whether you’re local, national, large, or small, we can print the items you need on time and in the right volume.

What is wide format printing used for?

Indoor and outdoor banners, posters, and signage are just a few examples of high-quality items we print for our customers. Despite the national lockdown, customers are still buying online  - so it’s vital to build your brand presence across a range of media. 

How expensive is large format printing?

Bigger items don’t necessarily equate to bigger prices. Our costs are based in part on the size and volume of items you buy - but we always strive to be as competitive as possible. Why not request a free quote today and see how we compare.

Working with a Large Format Printing Company: What to Expect

1. Five questions to ask at the start

If you have an urgent deadline to meet, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind by pinging your request across on an email. 

Before sending your work over, consider the following:

  1. Does your printing company have the capacity to help? If not, you’ll have spent time creating and sending your brief to a specialist who lacks the necessary expertise..
  2. What large format printing machines do they use? Your project may require the use of specialist equipment that your large format printer does not have on site.
  3. Do they provide all services in house? This might seem like a strange question to ask - but, in some cases, a printing company might outsource its work to cope with busy periods.
  4. What format should you send your files in? Avoid unnecessary delays by speaking directly to your proposed printing company - or check their format requirements online.
  5. Do they have a portfolio of work you can review? Ask to view samples of work if none are available - either that, or look for examples of brand names they’ve worked with. 

2. What media does your printing company support?

Despite the national lockdown, your business wants to continue delivering marketing campaigns and growing its brand presence. To do this successfully, it will need to harness a range of offline channels - using outdoor posters, displays, and banners to advertise its products or services..

Once restrictions ease, you may want to take your campaign on the road by attending events, exhibitions, or selling directly to customers in public places. Does your printing company offer outdoor large format printing, or will you need to look elsewhere?

Ideally, you want to work with a provider that has expertise across your required media. Else, you’ll have to manage your campaigns across more than one company, which could become tricky.

3. What are the requirements for setting up artwork?

If you’re not familiar with wide format printing, it’s important to understand your printer’s artwork requirements. 

Do you know what: 

  1. format to save and export in?
  2. canvas size you need?
  3. colour mode to send in?
  4. bleed is required?
  5. file name to use?

If not, these requirements should be clearly listed on your printing company’s website. Otherwise, you may need to call them to find out.

4. Did you proofread your work before submitting it?

Wide format printing companies don’t proofread artwork. If your submission meets their internal guidelines, they’ll set it to print. Any grammatical, typographical, or layout errors will need to be corrected and at your expense.

Before sending work, double- and triple-check it to make sure there are no obvious errors. That way, you’ll save time and unnecessary costs.

5. Do you like the people you’ll be working with?

Even if you manage to find a specialist who can do the work on-time and at the right price, could you work with them? Having a personal rapport with your printing company is important - as you’ll need to speak to them on a regular basis.

Choose your large format printing company carefully. Building a long-term relationship with a trusted partner who understands your business and is committed to helping it grow is important.

Display01: a large format printing specialist that ticks all the boxes

We’re an online printing company with a passion for excellence. Whether your business is small, large, local, or national, we’ll deliver the right results - so you can communicate your message clearly.

We continue to invest in the best equipment, allowing us to produce high volumes of work at scale, and without compromising on quality. But we’re just as happy to take on small projects - so get in touch either way.

Whether you need posters, banners, signage, or something not listed on our website, contact us today for guidance and a free quote.