Large format printing for your video calls: Spruce up WFH

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean slow down. You can still build brand presence and win new customers while working from home -  whether your business is large, small, local or national.

Large format printing is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a fast, affordable, and simple way to build your identity and showcase your business’s central message during these uncertain times.

But First, What Is Large Format Printing?

It involves printing designs or graphics onto paper or material. Large specialist equipment is needed to create items, which can boast a maximum width of 18-100 inches.

Brochures, posters, banners, and signage are just a few examples of marketing materials or display items created in this format. Your competitors are almost certainly using it. And, if you want to keep up with them, so should you.

Here are some key reasons your organisation or business should invest in large format printing - not just during lockdown, but beyond too. 

Alternatively, if you need something now, contact us so we can get to work right away.

Bring video calls to life with banners, large poster printing & more

Trust Dispay01 to bring your ideas to life in almost any size and without compromising on clarity, sharpness of colour, or quality of material - so your business can present itself in the best way when engaging with its customers, partners, and stakeholders on video calls.

Roller Banners

Imagine the impact a bespoke roller banner will have when strategically positioned behind you on a client call. Lightweight, easy to construct, and made from premium materials, this stylish item will showcase your logo, name, and strapline - adding further weight and credibility to your business.

Your roller banner will add long-term value too. Once lockdown is over, this colourful and easily transportable asset can be taken with you on roadshows, to indoor or outdoor exhibitions - or even used in foyers and boardrooms to increase brand presence.

Indoor Posters 

Large format printing is ideal for bringing your campaigns to life too. Are you focussing on a specific marketing strategy right now? Then show your customers without telling them by hanging a high-quality, digitally printed and trimmed indoor poster on the wall behind you. 

Just like our roller banners, indoor posters can be repositioned when things return to normal.  Why not hang yours in high profile places - like meeting rooms, breakout areas, or near to staircases of lifts where footfall is likely to be highest. 

Outdoor Posters

The wheels of commerce haven’t stopped turning, so now’s an opportune moment to advertise your business using strategically-placed posters in key locations. We can create trim, deliver, and roll posters in most sizes and using your colour scheme, logo and messaging. 

Printed Side Table

Capture their attention with a personalised table featuring your company logo. Easy to assemble and sealed with a matt laminate, this isn’t just furniture - it’s a portable marketing tool that’s as effective at home as it is in an office. Just upload your logo and we’ll do the rest.

Get Post-Lockdown Ready with Large Format Printing From Display 01

When lockdown is over, large format printing will continue to play an important role in the development of your business.

Here are a couple of  reasons why:

There’ll be a phased approach. This means you’ll need to tell visitors about the social distancing measures you’ve put in place. Our posters are big, bright, clear and easy to frame or mount. Show customers you’re invested in their safety by choosing from one of two designs - or by creating your own.

Normal business will resume. And when it does, you won’t want to waste a single minute. Make an impact at indoor or outdoor events with a personalised banner that’s weather friendly, easy to construct, vibrant - and bound to catch the attention of passers-by in busy areas.  

Keep on using outdoor posters to build awareness and drive forward your central message too. It’s important to keep the momentum going if you want your brand name to be the first on your customers’ lips when they have a requirement you can fulfil.

We’re Here To Help

You won’t be alone. Our professional design team will be on hand throughout to make sure your large outdoor format printing has the right impact on the right people! Contact us now for more information and an informal chat about your plans.

The Benefits Of Large Format Printing 

  1. It’s tailor made for advertising. If you’re planning on launching a new product or service, we can create bold, high-quality marketing resources across almost all media - resulting in a campaign that’s fully joined-up and hard to ignore.

  2. It’s always working for you. Even during lockdown, you can build awareness of your product or service - by showcasing your identity on a video call or advertising in the real world using posters, signage, and other media. When the world fully reopens for business, you’ll hit the ground running.

  3. The quality is hard to beat. Long format printing produces superior results that are hard to ignore. Don’t compromise when it comes to building your presence, because your competitors won’t and you need to stay one step ahead of them.

We’re Open For Business Throughout Lockdown & Ready To Help...

Are you looking for an online print company you can trust? With over 20 years experience, we know how to get your business the results it wants, needs, and deserves. 

Quality matters to us - so we’ll take time to understand your needs fully before getting to work. We’ll also quality check your items before delivery  to ensure they meet our high standards.

Explore a world of large format printing options and order online when you’re ready. Do you have a question or need something not listed on our website? Then get in touch with us today.