Indoor vs Outdoor Advertising: Which is more effective?

Indoor and outdoor advertising are both successful ways to promote your business. However, indoor vs outdoor banners and signs have their pros and cons, and you'll need to make strategic decisions about which fits your specific needs.

Keep reading to find out the benefits and pitfalls of using indoor vs outdoor banners, posters and signs.

Indoor vs outdoor advertising

The differences between indoor and outdoor marketing are apparent. However, both rely on one of the oldest and most trusted forms of advertising. Since the printing press was invented in the 15th century, print advertising has earned its place as one of the most nailed-on forms of marketing available.

Just take a look at the statistics:

Although different businesses have success with different methods, it's clear that indoor and outdoor print marketing should be part of the mix.

So how do we define indoor and outdoor in advertising terms?

Indoor advertising is any marketing that takes place in a defined space. That could be a supermarket, sports club or coffee shop. Promotional roller banners, posters, floor graphics and banners are all part of the indoor marketing mix.

Outdoor advertising takes your message beyond your retail premises to any outdoor event or location. For example, your outdoor banners, signs, and posters could be displayed on billboards, bus shelters, and at trade events.

Ways to advertise indoors

Indoor advertising is highly compelling. It communicates directly with your captive audience and allows you to upsell and increase spend in a non-invasive way. You'll benefit from greater engagement than in the outdoor space where several businesses are vying for attention. 

Types of indoor advertising signs include:

Roller banners

Roller banners are highly portable and easy to use. One person can assemble your banners and ensure they're deployed at the right place at the right time.

Our custom roller banners combine eye-catching graphics, state-of-the-art digital print and ultra-portability, making them the best in show when you want to create attention-grabbing point of sale displays.

Indoor posters

Highly cost-effective, indoor posters are versatile and hardworking. With endless design possibilities, posters can make your messaging shine at PoS, in window displays and more.

Our indoor posters are printed at 1000dpi on 190gsm Coated Poster Paper in sizes from A2 to x2A0. That kind of flexibility and versatility allows you to create unique marketing campaigns with exceptional RoI.

Signs and stickers

Anywhere can be an advertising opportunity, from your windows and walls to your floors. Keeping logos and colours consistent drives brand awareness and repetition of your message earns you brand recognition. 

Our stickers and indoor signage provide a creative solution for your indoor marketing campaigns.  

Pros and cons of indoor advertising

Indoor marketing is a great branding strategy. However, there aren't many marketing opportunities when you have your customers undivided attention. For example, placing posters in the toilets or restroom was described as 75% effective in one survey. Placement is important, but focusing on your target audience is the best way to leverage the power of indoor advertising.

These are some of the benefits and pitfalls of indoor advertising:


  • Reach your target audience with ease: The combination of the right message and location brings your campaigns straight to your audience. Segregate by age, gender and lifestyle for more strategic results.
  • Unlimited opportunities: The flexibility of indoor advertising offers incredible opportunities to design innovative, creative, and highly memorable campaigns. 
  • Strong retention: the average viewing time for your posters can be as long as three minutes. Your indoor banners, posters and signs are seen in isolation and for longer than outdoor advertising, generating high retention rates.
  • Incredibly cost-effective: Posters and stickers are highly affordable when compared to other forms of indoor advertising.
  • Create impulse buys: clever indoor marketing tactics focused on the PoS can persuade your customers to grab a snack or drink or make the most of that sale or promotion.


  • It's unpredictable: no type of advertising can guarantee results.

Ways to advertise outdoors

Outdoor signs are a time-tested way to grab your customer's attention. Outdoor advertising is a mass marketing medium that works best with bold graphics and messaging.

 Pavement signs like our double-sided A-frame and outdoor banners with push-fit frames are unique ways to get your message noticed. So upload your artwork and start benefiting from eye-catching and targeted marketing.

Outdoor posters stand up to any weather and turn any surface into a marketing opportunity. Our large format wall monsoon banners make a colossal branding splash and are weather resistant to Beaufort Scale 5.

The best way to optimise outdoor advertising is to find the perfect high traffic location and create attention-grabbing graphics that beg to be shared. Then, with planning and precision, your outdoor advertising can shine - even in the digital age.

Pros and cons of outdoor advertising


  • It's tried and trusted: traditional marketing methods work best when you want to get your message across to as many people as possible.
  • It creates an immediate impact: the sheer size and scale of outdoor advertising is designed to impress. But even at pavement level, a funny or inspirational sign can intrigue your customers and shape the user experience.
  • It works in partnership with other marketing streams: Outdoor advertising is the first step in grabbing your target audience's attention. Impress with stunning visuals before delivering a targeted message in-store.


  • Not the cheapest option: High traffic areas are costly, and the scale of outdoor advertising means it's more expensive to produce.
  • Might not connect with the target audience: There are no guarantees that your outdoor signs will connect with your ideal demographic in a highly competitive high street.

Implement your marketing mix with Display01

Finding what's best for your brand can be a challenging decision. So why choose? At Display01, we have affordable options for indoor and outdoor signs, banners and posters so you can develop a marketing mix that's right for you. Get in touch today, and the team will be happy to help.