How To Create a Brand Identity Through Large Format Printing

Your brand identity is always a work in progress. If you thought it stopped when you finalised your logo, think again. Yes, your visual assets are an essential part of your brand. But your brand identity can be defined as the way your business not only looks but feels and communicates.

Think about the world’s biggest brands - Lego, Apple, and Nike, have elevated their branding to an art. So how can you emulate them and start to create a strong brand identity using large format printing

Why is brand identity important?

Your brand identity is the face your business shows to the world. But it needs to be much more than just a cool logo. 

When it comes to creating an identity, you’re not just ensuring your product is more memorable. You’re building the kind of authenticity and trust that money can’t buy. And you’re generating a mission statement for your company that gives you a purpose.

Mission. Credibility. A face. Nail those elements, and you have a brand that converts customers to loyal advocates.

Develop your brand identity

Before you can develop a strong brand identity, you need to understand who you are and what makes up your brand.

Before you commit to large format print, take these five key steps:

  1. Research your value proposition, your audience and the competition
  1. Know your brand: its personality, tone of voice and values
  1. Designs visual assets like an eye-catching logo 
  1. Create a coherent brand language that connects across multiple platforms
  1. Design ways to monitor and maintain your brand identity

So far, so good. But implementing these straightforward steps can be another story. When it comes to putting your brand identity out there, here’s what it needs to do:

  • Stand out from the competition and catch customers’ attention
  • Be scalable and easy to evolve with your business
  • Have a solid and clear design language that’s easy for designers and printers to implement
  • Look and feels polished, professional and cohesive
  • Have a strong visual impact and be highly memorable - think Apple’s logo or the Nike Nike swoosh

Now you’re ready to start building the basics of your brand identity, which should include:

  • Logo and brand colours
  • Photography, video, illustration and iconography
  • Typography
  • Interactive elements
  • Web design
  • Data visualisation
  • Print

The future is mobile, so ensure that your visual assets will translate seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Integrating print and brand identity

Can you identify your company’s most valuable asset? It’s your brand identity. You can deliver great products or services, but if your customers aren’t aware of your brand and what it offers them, your sales won’t take off.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Businesses with a strong brand identity generate greater recognition and awareness. They engage with their customers and translate that engagement into sales. But it all hinges on having a brand identity that’s identifiable at a glance.

Print still dominates in the marketing landscape - the pandemic showcased the benefits of large format printing like never before. Synchronising your branding across all your print and digital media is crucial to creating a cohesive brand identity that generates brand loyalty.

So how do you integrate print with your brand identity to create effective results?

Start small

Your logo is one of your most effective assets. Use it to create an array of identifiable print assets - your packaging, catalogues and other promotional items. Create a visual language that lets customers understand your mission and your voice before you scale up.

Scale up

Once you’ve started to build your visual identity, incorporate large format printing into the mix. Banners, posters and outdoor display materials all enhance your brand’s professional presence. 

Large format print lets you create stunning displays that stand out from the competition at your next exhibition. Or identify yourself clearly in your target local markets. Large format print allows you to get your message and mission across, even from a distance.

Developing a synergy between your different print projects, both offline and digital, serves to boost your brand identity.

Why large format printing works

There are no ad blockers in the real world. It’s one of the things that makes print marketing so effective for brand recognition. Large format print marketing is more trusted and engaging than intrusive online advertising. And tangible marketing is highly effective when you want to reach an audience.

Outdoor advertising works, and billboards continue to hold the largest market share of advertising spend. What’s more, 83% of shoppers say they remember OOH ads in the 30 minutes before they make a purchase. That’s a substantial audience who are receptive to your brand identity on outdoor banners and posters.

Your brand message is more effective when it’s repeated. And print is the best way to achieve effective frequency, so you get the desired response in building your brand identity. Passers-by can’t opt out of an effective window display or eye-catching pavement A-frame. And that means your large format print has a higher chance of creating that all-important brand recognition.

In our connected world, digital advertising is becoming increasingly diluted. If you're using a substantial chunk of your marketing budget to build an online brand identity, large format printing offers a significantly better bang for your buck. You can promote your logo and brand identity to thousands of passers-by every hour for just a fraction of the cost of an online ad that users shut down fast. And when you extend your reach with large format marketing, you’re also improving your RoI.

Large format printing with Display01

If you want to build a brand identity that gets you recognised for all the right reasons, large format print is the solution. At Display01, we understand the link between brand identity and large format print. And we can help you create large format marketing that reels in your customers and translates into increased sales and greater brand recognition.

If you’re interested in seeing how large format print can help build your brand identity, get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to help.