How To Choose Large Format Printing Products

Large format printing should be part of any marketing mix. When used effectively, large format prints make an impression that nothing can match. But getting your marketing right can be a challenge, especially when choosing the right products for the job.

As new products and technologies come to the fore, it seems like there’s nothing you can’t do with large format print. But if you want your messaging to have the ultimate impact, you need to choose the correct format for the right location.

Here’s our quick guide to the large format print products available at Display01 and how you can use them for the best effect.

Indoor large format products 

Large format indoor products are a stylish and affordable way to engage with your customers face to face. Tell the story of your business, its culture and values. Or transform those blank walls into a welcome for your customers with wayfinding advice. From promotions to branding, eye-catching large format printing is the savvy choice when you have something to say.

Our large format indoor posters and banners offer great value for money and plenty of versatility by combining high impact printing and quality materials.

Indoor posters

Want to create stunning displays that are easy and affordable? Indoor posters are a proven way to showcase your brand, products and services with complete messaging flexibility. Indoor posters turn every wall into a marketing opportunity with an eye-catching design.

Our indoor posters are printed on 180 gsm premium satin photo paper with vibrant digital printing at 1000dpi. This means your posters will capture every colour in your design with true to life clarity. Upload your artwork to create flawless displays for high foot traffic areas. Or choose from our range of pre-printed indoor social distancing posters suitable for your shop, restaurant or pub. 

Roller banners

Whatever the event, there’s a roller banner or pull-up banner stand that’s the right match. Whether you’re attending a business-related showcase or promoting your latest event, nothing beats a roller banner for effortless impact. 

And their versatility means they’re not limited to business use. Roll-up banner stands are great for schools and colleges, charities, sporting events, or just celebrating those significant life events. 

Even our budget eco-banners come with their own stand and storage bag so that you can reuse them repeatedly. Our luxury, front-loading, low profile premium banner is the ideal choice if you want premium quality. Or, for maximum impact, opt for a double-sided banner that combines excellent performance with double the graphics.

Banners are a brilliant way to promote any message, from social distancing to event promotion. A roll-up banner really is your go-to product when you want to boost the power of your marketing.

If making sustainable choices is crucial for you and your company, our eco banner combines exceptional performance with affordability and a banner made from 100% recycled PVC. And because caring about the environment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, these standout banners feature our high-quality commercial printing so they won’t fade.

Outdoor large format products

Outdoor large format printing products engage with your customers before they’ve even set foot in your store. In fact, a well-executed monsoon banner or A-frame can get potential customers through the door in a way that few other marketing channels can match. 

To get the most out of your outdoor large format displays, you’ll need to think carefully about materials so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Get that right, and your outdoor signs will give your marketing tactics the edge.

Want to build your brand with fully customisable outdoor signs? These are the products you need.

Outdoor display banners

Nothing makes an impression like an outdoor banner. Big and bold, large format outdoor printing is an effective way to use your marketing budget. 

Wall monsoon banners help your brand to make a huge impact. Printed on weather-resistant and durable PVC and supplied with an easy to use push-fit frame for fast wall mounting, a wall monsoon shouts out your message. Eye-catching and fade resistant graphics will get your brand noticed, whatever the weather.

A-banners and A-frames are built to be noticed, and there’s a style to suit any business. Designed to be highly rugged and weather-resistant, pavement level advertising is ideal for trade shows and exhibitions, schools and colleges, retail displays and personal use. Easy to set up, you can make twice the impression by installing two different banners or graphics. Whatever the event, you’re sure to catch the eye of passers-by with large format outdoor A-banners and A-frames.

Rigid outdoor banners can convey any message from social distancing to promotions, so your customers are always well informed before they set foot through the door. These banners fit snugly into a sand or water-filled base. They are printed on an aluminium substrate for extra rigidity. Each rigid banner is easy to assemble and can stand up to the harshest weather conditions.  

Outdoor posters

Nothing beats strategically placed large format posters when you want to stop your customers in their tracks. Outdoor posters turn any window or wall into a marketing opportunity. Or use them with an A-frame for kerbside impact. 

Use your own artwork or work with our professional graphic designers to create posters that impress time after time. If you want to get your event, promotion or brand noticed, nothing succeeds like time tested outdoor posters. 

Large format printing products at Display01

Large-format advertising is a great way to market your business or your products. Our large format printing products aren’t business-specific, but they are a great way to get yourself noticed. 

We can work with your custom artwork to create roll-up banners, indoor and outdoor posters and outdoor banners suitable for every environment. And our affordable prices mean you can invest in temporary and permanent signage that suits your needs.

Want to know how our indoor and outdoor products can promote your organisation? Contact the team at Display01 today, and we’ll be happy to help.