Choice of Materials For Large Format Printing

When it comes to marketing, bigger is often better. 

Large format printing is a time-proven way to engage with your customers. Whether it’s a vast outdoor banner or a massive indoor poster, nothing beats large format print for grabbing attention. 

Choosing the best large format substrates is an integral part of the process. Your choice affects the price, quality and overall impact of your marketing. When RoI is essential, the right choice of materials can be a big decision.

Factors to consider when choosing large format substrates

Not every large format product gives you a wide range of substrates to choose from. For example, posters are generally printed on paper and outdoor banners on PVC. But when you do need to make a choice, here’s what you need to consider:


Will your signage be displayed inside or outside? The potential impact of UV or moisture damage will affect your choice of substrates. So will the length of time you need your signs to represent your brand or organisation.


The substrate you use will also depend on the installation methods for your sign. Your decisions need to reflect the type of mounting method and hardware used. Is a rigid or flexible material better suited to your installation?


The larger your sign, the more difficult it is to install and the more expensive it is. Another factor affecting your choice of substrates is how legible your signage will be at the expected viewing distance. 


We’re all becoming more aware of the choices we make. Where possible, try using a sustainable material like Xanita board to limit your environmental impact. 

Rigid vs flexible

You can use flexible materials like paper and PVC and rigid substrates like Dibond and eco-friendly Triaprint board in a wide range of applications. For best results, use materials that support high-resolution printing and a full-colour gamut.

Materials for large format printing at Display01

Does large format printing fit your budget and your marketing needs? In that case, we offer a wide range of materials to suit every application.

Flexible materials

Generally available by the roll, these are the workhorses of large format printing. Cost-effective and versatile, you can use flexible materials for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.


Versatile and cost-effective, paper is the obvious choice for indoor large format posters. Creating a low-cost display using products printed on our 190gsm Coated Poster Paper will give your organisation the edge. This beautiful paper supports UV printing at 1000dpi for high-quality, full-colour prints that can be wall, board or A-frame mounted.

Digital wallpaper

Bring any wall to life with fully customisable digital wallpaper that tells the story of your brand. Available in pasteable and self-adhesive options, this personalised product allows your brand to individualise and innovate. Digital wallpaper can be printed with any image or design and creates rich experiences with true to life and flame retardant UV inks.


Another non-rigid material, PVC is often used for large outdoor banners because of its ability to resist even the harshest weather conditions. PVC can be cut to the desired shape and size for any application and supports full-colour printing for outstanding results. We use industry-standard 440gsm PVC for our robust yet lightweight banners. Eyelets and pole pockets ensure that your banners are easy to manipulate and install.

Frosted window film

Printed or unprinted, frosted window film is great for creating privacy in commercial, retail and domestic settings. We can cut window film to any shape for use as glass manifestations. Printed with corporate graphics, they create an intriguing branded display while reinforcing safety regulations wherever large areas of glazing are present.

Self-adhesive vinyl
Want your message to stick? You can brand just about anything with this abrasion-resistant material that you can then use on just about any flat surface. We can also add gloss, matte or dry-wipe laminate to your stickers. Gloss laminate makes colours pop while a matte finish resists wear and tear. Add a dry wipe laminate to make your self-adhesive vinyl clings easy to keep clean - ideal for social distancing messaging.

Rigid materials

When you need a sign that can stand up to wear and tear and still look good, you need a rigid substrate material like Dibond or Correx. 


Rigid yet lightweight because of its corrugated centre, this material can be screwed, stuck, riveted, nailed or stapled in place, making it ideal for outdoor signs. Correx is most often used for estate agents' boards because it’s easy to install and can be printed on both faces for double the impact.


An alternative to Correx, Foamex is lightweight enough to be mounted using adhesive or double-sided tape as well as being nailed or screwed in place. With a high strength to weight ratio, this versatile material can be cut to any size or shape, laminated and printed directly on one or both sides.


When you need durability and strength in a lightweight material with a superb aesthetic, try Dibond. This aluminium composite substrate takes high-resolution print directly for exceptional results. You can also use Dibond indoors and outdoors because of its extreme weather resistance.

Eco-friendly materials

Making environmentally conscious choices is increasingly important. That’s why we offer our customers an exciting range of rigid and flexible materials for large format printing with impeccable eco-credentials.

Triaprint board can be used for multiple applications, including estate agents signs, POS signage and billboards. Rigid, durable, highly printable and water-resistant, Triaprint is an eco-friendly alternative to materials like Correx.

Xanita board can be printed, laminated, foiled, upholstered, curved, shape cut and much more. Xanita is an exciting material and versatile material that can be flat packed and is 100% recyclable. 

PVC free banner material does everything a standard PVC banner can do - without the PVC. This new to market PVC free material can meet your marketing needs without damaging the environment.

Large format printing materials at Display01

At Display01, we have a comprehensive range of flexible and rigid substrates suitable for all your large format printing needs. Get in touch with our Bristol-based team today, and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice.