Are posters important for advertising?

In today's climate, online marketing is king. But if you think poster advertising is dead, think again. Marketing campaigns that combine digital and print are 400% more effective, so can you afford to ignore the power of posters?

Poster advertising is a perennial favourite that's been around since the 19th century. It's a highly affordable way to advertise indoors and out. It can build your brand for a fraction of the cost of other media. Even in our digital age, poster marketing still proves its worth - customers are 70% more likely to recall your brand if they see it in print than online.

Posters continue to prove their worth. But how important could they be for your next advertising campaign?

How effective are posters in advertising?

Posters give you the edge when it comes to staying top of mind. Consider this: posters are often used in public information campaigns because they're incredibly effective at attracting attention and altering behaviours.

Your customers may scroll past your online advertising, but large format printing can have a significant impact. People like the immediacy and simplicity of print. And that makes it one of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services. 77% of people say print drives higher levels of recall - so can you afford to miss out on this flexible, affordable and high-impact form of advertising?

Benefits of custom posters

Large format posters are ideal for raising brand awareness. Their scale and versatility make them a marketing asset inside and out. But there are plenty of reasons why you should consider creating your custom posters for your next campaign.


Let's start with the obvious. A large format poster in the right position will stop your customers in their tracks. What other medium can match posters for creating long-term visibility? Use a compelling and striking visual, and your business will outshine the competition.


Using posters for advertising delivers a bang for your buck that few other products can match. Posters are relatively cheap to design, print and install, making them far more cost-effective than marketing channels like TV, radio and digital advertising.


It might surprise you to know that 92% of 18-23-year-olds prefer print over digital because it's easier to read. New research shows that your customers are far more likely to recall your print adverts, making large format posters an excellent investment. Indoors or outdoors, advertising posters grab the attention and keep you top of mind.


When it comes to trust, posters and other printed advertising media rate highly with customers - much more highly than digital marketing and social media. There's a rich visual history attached to printed posters, and they've become a part of our everyday environment. It's that familiarity that makes them trustworthy and gives them credibility other marketing streams can't match.


When you use posters for advertising, the possibilities are endless. Combining striking visuals, eye-catching fonts, and catchy copy creates a marketing aid that's much more than the sum of its parts. Imagine harnessing that versatility to put your brand messages out there on a grand scale. It's another reason why poster marketing has withstood the test of time.

Targeted impact

Unlike digital advertising, posters have a captive audience. The heavy footfall in a busy street or shopping centre ensures your advertising gets seen and gives it maximum reach. Taking advantage of high traffic areas lets you optimise the unique ability of posters for advertising to reach your target market. Exposure Nothing beats posters when you're looking for brand exposure. Printed on high-quality, weather and tear-resistant paper, your advertising posters can remain in their location indefinitely. In turn, that means your target audience will come into contact with your posters several times, reinforcing your brand and giving you great brand recognition.

Post offline/online

Posting isn't just for social media. And your marketing doesn't have to be either/or. Posters are a great way of boosting awareness of your socials or a hashtag you want to promote. Add a QR code linked to a landing page or create an eye-catching design that goes viral. Use your call to action to drive customers to your social channels - before Facebook, the only posters were the ones on your wall.

What makes a good custom poster?

With so many benefits, no wonder a custom poster is a go-to for advertisers. But what makes a great poster design?

Work with your brand personality

The starting point for any custom design should be your brand standards. Choose colours and fonts that look and feel consistent with other visual assets and make sure they reflect your brand personality. If you want to project a dependable and trustworthy image, for example, steer clear of neon brights.

Design for your audience

Every brand needs a clear idea of its target customer. And every visual asset and branding decision should be aimed at them, including your poster design. Layout, text and images should all be designed to appeal to your ideal audience. Interactions are almost as meaningful as your visual choices, so think carefully about where you'll display your poster. The more sense your design makes to your customer, the more successful it will be.

Focus on style

A killer headline, a call to action and imagery or graphics that pop. These essential elements need to complement each other seamlessly to create a cohesive and successful poster design. Here's how to find your style: 

  • Keep it simple and streamlined for maximum impact.
  • Find originality in your graphic elements for head-turning results.
  • Be strategic with colour to set the right tone and ambience for your brand: eye-catching brights for promos and point of sale, more calming colours for long-term signage.
  • Create a visual hierarchy with text that draws the eye seamlessly through every design element.
  • Choose fonts that reflect your brand personality: sans serif for a contemporary vibe, serif for dependability, script for elegance.

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